Case Study - How WestPac Excels As A Cavity Slider Dealer

Dealers play a vital role in the supply chain for building materials. They are relied on by builders as trusted partners for product selection and can provide a tailored value add service in line with their clients needs. On a recent trip to Austin, Texas we explored exactly how Western Pacific Building materials offer a turnkey, customized and assembled Cavity Slider pocket frame for their custom home builders.

For simple distribution and storage, the Cavity Sliders pocket frame is supplied in a kitset. It is easy to assemble and cut to size, but builders understandably prefer to receive a completed system to their specification that is ready to drop into the Rough Opening. Travis recognized these demands from his network early and tailored Westpac’s offering accordingly. In turn, providing a value add service for his clients to maximize their on site efficiencies.

In this video Travis and Ronnie walk us through this process and we visit a completed project for one of his loyal clients.

Interested in using Cavity Sliders in your next project?
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