Modular Construction Provider, Panel Built Inc, Solves Issue with Sliding Doors with Cavity Sliders


Panel Built, Inc. is a modular construction provider with 25 years’ experience in the industry. They are a turnkey provider of modular offices, mezzanines, clean rooms, security booths, equipment enclosures, and ballistic rated buildings for companies and government departments across the United States and internationally.
Panel Built’s line of security buildings frequently utilizes sliding doors as part of their design. These security booths are generally smaller buildings, sitting at the entrance of campuses, government buildings, and corporate headquarters. With a security officer frequently going in and out of the booths, a sliding door mechanism is often required due to the confined space inside and to keep the door from possibly swinging out into traffic. Because these officers are constantly opening and closing this door, a highly durable, long-lasting solution is greatly needed.


Panel Built had begun having some trouble with their previous sliding door provider. The doors would not roll smoothly, had difficulty locking/latching, and the strikes were hard to install. Also, Panel Built would have to use several different components from various vendors to complete a job, as the old hardware was not a complete kit.


To solve these various issues, Panel Built began to look for a new hardware provider. Panel Built chose to test Cavity Sliders' doors due to their products’ great aesthetics and the potential compatibility with their unique product type.  Cavity Sliders' system passed with flying colors!

After using the system on one of their prefabricated buildings, Panel Built found the Cavity Sliders functioned much better than their previous hook bolt provider, and the new sliding door hardware reduces the pinch point factor. Even though it is a unique application compared to Cavity Sliders' typical customer, Panel Built was able to combine the Wall Mount Track Kit, CL400 magnetic locking mechanism, and Barn Door Strike to perfectly fit their prefabricated guard booths. The hardware presents a much stronger seal, an overall better aesthetic, and is flexible enough to be used for all their sliding door needs. After many successful installations, Panel Built now uses Cavity Sliders as their standard sliding door provider. 

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Wall Mount Track Spec Sheet
CL400 Spec Sheet
Barn Door Strike Spec Sheet






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