Telescoping doors are a type of sliding door system that consists of two or more door panels that slide and stack on top of each other to open and close. Just like a telescope! The panels are usually hinged together and slide on tracks that are installed on the top and/or bottom of the door opening. Telescoping doors are commonly used in commercial buildings such as airports, shopping malls, hotels, and hospitals, where there is a need for large openings that can be easily accessed and closed. T...

The ADA requirements for sliding doors can often be a grey area for us within the building envelope. Whether you are specifying, supplying, or installing openings for public or commercial use it is important to be aware of the requirements of these openings, to ensure they comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Learn how pocket doors were used to enhance Killowen Construction's Park City Build and how exceptional attention to detail led them to win the People's Choice Award at the 2022 Park City Showcase.

Cavity Sliders + Studio 804 = Shoji Screen Magic! Check out how Cavity Sliders Full-height Ceiling Mount track is put to use.

Through WestPac’s business practice, we get an insightful view on how a dealer can provide value-add on top of the products they sell. By just putting in a bit of extra effort into the products they sell, they add much more value not just for the customers they face, but also their own brand and the manufacturers’.

Upscale Spa utilizes Cavity Sliders hardware in their remodeled salon

SofStop pocket doors with CL400 Magnetic bathroom privacy hardware

Regional Sales Manager Margot Scheltens visits Ken Dyer Construction's job site where the team is working on rebuilding a home that was lost to a neighborhood fire.

In their Farmhouse Start to Finish Series, the Perkins Builder Brothers install the CL400 Magnetic into their client's pocket door.

In the world of custom home building, the sky is literally the limit. For sliding and pocket doors, it's important to have versatile hardware to be able to meet a builder's and designer's needs when building someone's dream home.

In their Farmhouse Start to Finish Series, the Perkins Builder Brothers assemble and install the Cavity Slider Pocket Frame to the entrance of their client's home office.

The California College of the Arts student apartment complex, Founder's Hall, adds ADA-compliant sliding doors.