Exeloo Self Managing Public Toilets

Exeloo began in 1991 with the express goal of improving the quality, safety and cleanliness of public toilet facilities throughout New Zealand. A continual drive on research and development has resulted in a number of unique products for the public toilet industry being developed.

The experience gained through the manufacture and continued design improvements to these toilets has shaped Exeloo’s product development so their product range is very resilient to damage, provides a high standard of amenity and is constructed of materials that will perform well for many years. Exeloo toilet units are now exported to many countries across the world including, Australia, USA and Canada.

CS has been supplying doors to Exeloo since the early 1990’s, continually developing our products to suit the ever changing requirements of public toilets. The doors are custom programmed automatic and manual cavity sliders with a stainless steel clad door and Anti Graffiti and Clinikill natural steel powder coating. This robust solution is capable of withstanding the tough requirements of a public toilet. CS supplies a fully integrated automatic door system that ‘talks’ to the Exeloo PLC. The sliding doors are secure, vandal resistant and of course, they save space.






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