Could this be an end to door frustration?

People can be put off pocket doors after bad experiences with inferior door hardware. The edge pulls that come as standard with some doors are very poorly designed and difficult to use, requiring extra effort every time you want to pull the door out of the pocket. 

Typical ‘latch and striker’ locks also require you to make a conscious effort to align the handle with the striker in the closing jamb when closing the door. 

After observing how people use pocket doors, we have designed the CL400 Magnetic for ‘one-step’ use. Instead of concealed levers and lift up hooks to retrieve the door from the pocket, a moulded finger recess has been incorporated in the design. It is comfortable and intuitive to use, requiring no second action to operate.

A concealed rare earth magnet holds the door firm when it closes so that a ‘flick-closed’ operation will no longer result in the door ‘bouncing’. 

The CL400 Magnetic is the first ever pocket door handle to incorporate all the required handle functions (passage, privacy, key locking, bi-parting) into one form and to suit a range of door thicknesses from 1-3/8" to 2-1/4" (34mm-52mm). It is no longer necessary to source different door handles to complete one project. 

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand from high quality components to an uncompromising standard, the CL400 really could be the defining point in door hardware and an end to sliding door rage.






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