Floor-to-Ceiling Doors. 4 Ways to Elevate Your Interior Design with Full-Height Sliding Doors (With Examples)

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Floor-to-Ceiling Doors. 4 Ways to Elevate Your Interior Design with Full-Height Sliding Doors (With Examples)

Full-height sliding doors, also known as floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, are large, expansive doors that (just as their name suggests) extend from the floor to the ceiling of a room. They are designed to reach the entire height of the wall, creating a seamless and grand look. 

Are you on the fence about adding a floor-to-ceiling door to your residential or commercial interior design? Here are four key benefits of adding some grandeur to your space with a full-height sliding door. 


1. Enhance your space with unobstructed views and natural light. 

Full-height sliding doors are significantly taller than standard doors and are often wider than typical doors to create a grand and open appearance. Because of this, when the door slides into the open position, the door practically “disappears” from view, allowing the occupant to enjoy an enhanced view of the room or building’s exterior.  

Full-Height Sliding Glass Door using the CS FH-CeilingMountTrack


The team at Mark Tanner Construction utilized full-height sliding doors in this beautiful cabin in Truckee, CA. The glass detail allows for natural light to pass through the space even when closed. When the door is open, the door itself acts as a piece of art on the wall, complementing the home’s interior design. 

2. Maximize your floor space. 

Unlike traditional hinged doors that require a certain clearance area for swinging open and closed, full-height sliding doors move parallel to the wall on a track system. Because of this, the door does not intrude into the room's interior when opened. Gaining this swing space allows you to utilize the area around the door more efficiently. This is a great benefit for smaller spaces as a full-height door contributes to making the room feel larger than it actually is. 

Full-Height Pocket Door using the CS FH-CeilingMountTrack installed in a hotel bathroom 

At the Wilshire Grand, a 5-star hotel in Los Angeles, CA, the design team utilized full-height pocket doors to maximize the space in each hotel room. Because the doors slide into the wall cavity, you can place furniture or appliances against the pocket’s surface without obstructing the door’s operation.

3. Full-height doors offer multi-functionality. 

Full-height sliding doors can serve multiple purposes. For example, they can function as room dividers, privacy screens, and also as doors to enclose certain spaces like home offices or walk-in closets. This multi-functionality eliminates the need for additional partitions or doors, thereby saving space. 

Telescoping Doors using the CS Collection System
Full Height Telescoping Doors using the CS Collection System

The team at Mcginnish Homes installed these full-height telescoping doors as a way to close off this home office. The addition of the CS Door Collection System allowed for a clean entry free from floor tracks or guides.  

4. Versatile design options 

It’s no surprise that full-height doors are suited for modern interiors, but they can also be used to enhance the design aesthetic of other interior design styles. 

Modern interior design 

For modern designs, full-height sliding doors create clean lines and a sense of openness. The sleek and unobtrusive design complements a contemporary look, allowing for an uninterrupted flow of space.

Contemporary Interior Design 

Full-height sliding doors are an excellent fit for contemporary interiors, which often blend modern and traditional elements. In contemporary designs, full-height doors can serve as statement pieces, especially when they have unique designs or decorative features. 

Traditional Interior Design 

Though traditional interior design often leans toward more ornate elements, full-height sliding doors can still find a place. The doors can be customized with elegant and decorative frames to match the traditional style. In large traditional homes with grand entrances, full-height sliding doors can make a bold statement and add a touch of luxury to the overall design. 

How do you add a full-height sliding door to your design? 

Achieving the full-height look requires recessing the sliding track into the ceiling and raising the position of the ceiling stud to which the track is fixed. This is a labor-intensive process that can leave a less-than-perfect finish.  

CS FH-Ceiling MountTrack

Fortunately, the engineering team at CS Cavity Sliders has designed the CS Full Height Ceiling Mount Track. The track design includes drywall fixing flanges that allow for the wall linings to be fixed flush with the underside of the track. Because of this, achieving a full-height detail becomes easy and consistent, especially when trying to create uniform openings in a single project. 

Want to add the Full Height Ceiling Mount Track to your next design? 

Our team of pocket door experts is happy to assist you with specifying your full-height sliding door project. Contact us or give us a call at (888) 466-0030 to learn more. 

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