Automatic Pocket Doors for the Home: The Future of Interior Design

  • 3/15/2023 11:00:00 AM
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It’s not just science fiction anymore! Residential automatic pocket doors are becoming increasingly popular in interior design because of their space efficiency, convenience, and customizability. For people looking forward to the future of architectural design, automatic pocket doors are a must.  

Are automatic pocket doors worth it? 

Yes! Automatic pocket doors have already become popular in commercial and public buildings, and including them in residential settings ensures that accessibility, safety, and efficiency are priorities in your home. 

Still not convinced? Here are the top five reasons you should consider including automatic pocket doors in your home design. 


1. Automatic pocket doors improve accessibility. 

One of the main advantages of automatic doors is their convenience. They eliminate the need to manually open and close doors, making it easier for people to enter and exit a room. This is especially helpful for those with mobility impairments or people who simply have their hands full.  

CS AutoCav Residential installed in a penthouse in New York

CS AutoCav Residential installed in a penthouse in New York

The CS AutoCav, for example, provides a variety of access control options that include overhead sensors, push buttons, and touch pads. This flexibility makes it easy to find an automatic setup that works for everyone.  


2. They increase the safety of your home. 



Automatic doors can provide an added layer of safety for residential properties. They can prevent unwanted entry by automatically closing and only opening for authorized individuals. They can also reduce the risk of injury from slamming doors or accidents involving door handles. The CS AutoCav includes safety beam sensors that prevent the door from hitting a person or object near the door or track. 


3. Automatic pocket doors contribute to the space efficiency of your home.

Pocket doors are great space-savers in general, but when you include the added benefit of automation, you’ve unlocked more usable space for your home with a futuristic edge. A typical hinged door requires “swing space” to work properly. With an automatic door, the door disappears into the wall cavity, freeing up that available space and making the room feel more open and spacious. 

CS AutoCav Residential automatic pocket door at the entrance of a dining room

CS AutoCav Residential automatic pocket door at the entrance of a dining room


4. They can be integrated into your current “smart home” setup.

With the growing popularity of smart home technology, automatic doors can be integrated into existing home automation systems, allowing homeowners to control them remotely using their smartphones or voice-activated assistants. Imagine being able to open and close off rooms by pushing a button in an app while you are miles away!  


5. Automatic pocket doors add a touch of luxury to your space.



Automatic doors are often seen as a modern and sophisticated feature that can help increase your home's perceived value. They can add a touch of luxury to any room and create a more seamless and cohesive interior design scheme. 


Automatic Pocket Doors with the CS AutoCav

Overall, the convenience, aesthetics, and functionality of automatic pocket doors can be a significant upgrade for residential properties. These benefits and more make automatic pocket doors a valuable investment that enhance the comfort and value of your home.  

If you are interested in adding an automatic pocket door to your home, contact our pocket door experts today! The CS AutoCav is the ultimate automated pocket door system backed by over 30 years of pocket door expertise.  

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