Your Guide to the Modern Farmhouse Style: 5 Details You Need to Achieve the Look

Your Guide to the Modern Farmhouse Style: 5 Details You Need to Achieve the Look

The modern farmhouse style has become very popular in recent years as it combines both modern and traditional elements. This fusion creates a unique, timeless, and comfortable aesthetic. “There’s a humbleness and simplicity in the design of farmhouses that really lends itself to comfortable, easy living,” said New York designer, Robert  Stilin, in an interview covering the trend. “It’s really a play between the old and the new that has helped the Modern Farmhouse style mature into what it is now.”

So what do you need to achieve the perfect modern farmhouse? Check out these five features you can add to your home to reach this cozy aesthetic.


What do you need to achieve the perfect modern farmhouse look?

1. A neutral color palette

Though a neutral palette isn’t essential for the modern farmhouse style, it is a great choice for keeping the longevity of the wall color.  Neutral tones like off-white, beige, and the beloved greige, can be used as the foundation for a rustic design. Other colors, such as blues, greens, reds, and yellows, can be used to add vibrancy and interest.  

Cavity Sliders' Guide to the Modern Farmhouse Style - Utilize a neutral color palette
A modern farmhouse bathroom with deep blue shiplap wainscotting.

The paint experts at Benjamin Moore suggest mixing white or neutral-painted walls with pops of color on the trim and doors to offer a “fresh, graphic take.” 


2. Rustic materials

Embracing the look of rustic building materials like wood, stone, and metal brings a sense of history to a home’s atmosphere. Pairing this timeless feel with modern comforts, like stainless steel appliances and contemporary furniture, is one of the main cornerstones of the modern farmhouse style.

Cavity Sliders' Guide to Modern Farmhouse - Embrace Rustic Materials
Purity Designs' custom pocket door with 6-lite windows.

In Sydney Carlaw’s “Little Farmhouse” series, she installed a stone wall that wraps around the outside of the house and continues into her entranceway. “The stone walls are just a way of bringing “the outside in,” said Sydney, “Adding in grays, light browns, and the wood beams were all different ways of trying to make it feel like the outside was inside with us.”

In her design, she combined the rustic quality of the stone with modern pocket doors. Due to the size of the door (5’ wide) and the thickness of the stone the Purity Designs team custom-built this pocket door using the CS CaviTrack.

The track is made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum and paired with high-quality carriages with large-diameter wheels and precision ground bearings, ensuring this beautiful door will run smoothly and be enjoyed for years to come.

The door is finished with the CL400 Magnetic in matte black, again mixing old and new. This handle perfectly complements the neutral palette of the home.

3. Barn Doors

Barn doors are a classic farmhouse detail that gives any room character. The traditional barn doors of the turn of the century were originally built for function. The sliding doors were easier to open, allowed for a wider passage for livestock to enter and exit, and ensured that the large, heavy doors would not catch in the wind and swing violently like their hinged counterparts.

Today, they are used to bring a wonderful rustic quality to your home. The Perkins Builder Brothers are no strangers to the traditional barn door track. To incorporate this feature into their builds, they used the CS BarnDoorTrack.

Perkins Builder Brothers install the CS Barn Door Track with custom barn doorPerkins Builder Brothers install the CS Barn Door Track with custom barn door
CS Barn Door Track and custom barn door installed by the Perkins Builder Brothers.

What sets the CS BarnDoorTrack apart from the rest is that it can be installed without the need for a barn door header board and can be adjusted to different door thicknesses. It also is compatible with the CS SofStop, allowing the door to soft close and soft open.

4. Natural Light 

The Modern Farmhouse aesthetic calls for plenty of natural light for a bright and airy atmosphere. To bring in more light, you can incorporate larger windows into your home’s design. Sydney Carlaw with Purity Designs, did just that with a series of floor-to-ceiling steel windows placed strategically throughout the home to bring in the most light. 

Cavity Sliders' Guide to Modern Farmhouse - Get Plenty of Natural Light
Purity Designs' floor-to-ceiling steel windows.

Skylights are also a great way to bring light into spaces that are not near a window. They are also the perfect modern twist on the classic farmhouse look. 

5. Farmhouse Accents

Incorporate farmhouse accents like vintage pieces and distressed metals to complete the look. Examples of Farmhouse accents include traditional single basin sinks for the kitchen, rustic light fixtures, hand-woven wool area rugs, and vintage-inspired lounge chairs. These accents can easily elevate your design and create a cozy atmosphere.

Cavity Sliders' Guide to Modern Farmhouse - Traditional Farmhouse Accents Cavity Sliders' Guide to Modern Farmhouse - Traditional Farmhouse Accents Cavity Sliders' Guide to Modern Farmhouse - Traditional Farmhouse Accents


Embracing the Modern Farmhouse Style doesn't mean having to use traditional hardware; incorporate modern sliding door hardware into your designs to ensure your doors continue rolling smoothly for years to come. 
Connect with one of our Pocket Door Experts today to learn more about interior sliding and pocket door hardware.

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CL400 Magnetic 
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