Cavity Sliders & Studio 804 Unite to Bring an Innovative Design to Life

Studio 804 is a non-profit corporation founded by architectural professor Dan Rockhill. For over 25 years Studio 804’s mission has been to create energy efficient and sustainable designs. 

Studio 804 has been pivotal in the education of Grad-Students by teaching them not only to create sustainable concepts, but also make inventive building solutions a reality which can be seen in their Indiana Street House project. 

This project was influenced by the narrow space of the site. Due to limited square footage, the students were inspired to construct an open yet simplistic contemporary design on the second floor by using Shoji screens - a Japanese inspired full-height ceiling screen. 

Shoji screens being the main focus, called for the Cavity Slider full-height ceiling mount track. Our Cavity Slider track was perfect for bringing this innovative design to life as our track could tackle the weight of this heavy Shoji screen - which is made up of durable and versatile Richlite material.

As mentioned by Grad-Student Garret, they were able to put their design into action and complete the project by creating Shoji Screen magic using Cavity Sliders’ full-height ceiling mount track.


Interested in using Cavity Sliders in your next project?

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