Infinity Spa and Nails utilize Cavity Sliders in their Salon

After a long workday, a client walking through the doors of a spa should be instantly welcomed with a feeling of relaxation and calmness. In addition to the sound of some soft music playing and a faint scent of lavender or jasmine, the overall workspace of the salon should feel open and well planned. For this reason, many salons opt for sliding doors.

Swinging doors, due to their opening radius, require a certain amount of space to function properly, potentially encroaching upon the unrestricted and open feeling of the salon. Sliding doors, in contrast, slide along the wall (or within the wall pocket) remaining out of the way and allowing for staff to accommodate more clients to fit in a tighter space.

Infinity Spa and Nails in Reston, VA designed their salon with these traits in mind. This spa provides a wide variety of different beauty treatments, so the interior designer needed to ensure that there was enough space for each service. 

Two CS BarnDoorTracks installed at Infinity Nail Spa

For the client rooms, the team chose to utilize the CS BarnDoorTrack. This track is perfect for the modern aesthetic of the salon as it does not include any exposed fasteners or require an unsightly header as most Barn Door Tracks do. The pre-machined fixing slots make for quick and easy installation, especially when there are several specified in a commercial build. 

CS BarnDoorStrike being used to lock CL400 ADA Magnetic 

To comply with ADA requirements, the build also specified the CL400 ADA Magnetic and CS BarnDoorStrike. The CL400 ADA Magnetic includes additional functionality within the handle as it is easy to grasp and can be used with a closed fist or flat palm. The opening force required to operate the unit is 2.5lbf, which is under the 5lbf threshold for ADA compliance.

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