Perkins Builder Brothers Assemble and Install the CS Cavity Slider Pocket Frame

The Cavity Slider Pocket Frame triumphs over the issues faced when using the traditional pocket door frame. Its all-aluminum frame is structurally robust and won't buckle or bow over time. Featured previously on The Build Show with Matt Risinger, the Perkins Builder Brothers have also installed the Cavity Slider Pocket Frame into their client's custom home build. 

Building The Farmhouse Start to Finish

This series was started in November 2020, to chronicle the build of a custom farmhouse for a family in North Carolina. Once completed the home will have a stunning view of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The full playlist showcases the build from the ground up, from excavation, to retrieving permits, framing..etc. The Cavity Slider Pocket Frame was used as a space-efficient way to add a door to the opening of the home owner's office. The Pocket Frame is paired with the SofStop System to ensure safety and quietness with the operation of the door. 

The Assembly and Installation of the Cavity Slider Pocket Frame 

The Cavity Slider is an extremely versatile frame that can be cut to length to accommodate custom door openings. The team shows how easy it is to cut the frame down to fit their rough opening. Another excellent feature of the pocket frame is that it is designed without the need to drill into the track's header because of the frame's strength and rigidity. Because of this, if your header moves overtime or with the temperature of the seasons, you don't need to worry about the track bending along with it and causing issues with door operation.

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