Cavity Sliders Rise to New Heights at Miracle Mile's Newest 21-Story Residential Tower

  • 10/27/2020 8:32:00 AM
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In June 2018, J.H. Snyder unveiled plans for Wilshire Curson, a 21-story tower featuring a modern glass exterior and 285 residential units. With views of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and building amenities including a rooftop pool deck and 410-car garage, Wilshire Curson will be a grand addition to Miracle Mile's cityscape. To ensure space efficiency, the architecture firm MVE + Partners called for pocket doors to maximize floor space. For the ease of assembly and installation, the CS Cavity Slider Pocket Frame became the developer's choice.

The CS Cavity Slider Pocket Frame for Commercial Projects

"The main thing is that we didn't have to deal with wood, which is pretty much outlawed," said David Bowen, J.H. Snyder's superintendent on the project, when asked about additional details that made the Cavity Slider the best option for the job. According to the International Building Code, buildings classified as Type 1 Construction must not contain combustible materials within the wall. Most pocket frames are made of wood but the Cavity Slider Pocket Frame is made from aluminum extrusions and thus complies with these regulations. "They're sturdy and easy to put together, we're very happy with them." Bowden continued.

Solutions for Unique Building Requirements

In addition to its compliance with building codes, the frames are easy to assemble and are compatible with a range of unique requirements. At Wilshire Curson, a nominal 4” stud size was used as opposed to the more common 3 ⅝”. To accommodate this, we worked with Retrolock, the door, frame, and hardware supplier, to furr out the frame with ¼” drywall, to ensure no deviation in the wall linings from the stud to our pocket frame.

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