The Build Show features the CS Cavity Slider Pocket Frame

A tale as old as time, a traditional pocket door is installed and works for a few years but eventually runs into issues: it falls off its tracks, starts making a lot of noise when used, becomes difficult to open and close--and when Granny gets trapped in the bathroom for the umpteenth time, the frustration with pocket doors becomes obvious.

Luckily, our patented CS Cavity Slider Pocket Frame has addressed these issues. 

Matt Risinger's latest video (Risinger Build and The Build Show) showcases the benefits of using the Cavity Slider instead of the traditional pocket frame. The product is structurally robust, utilizing aluminum extrusions to ensure the pocket frame does not warp over time.

The soft close and soft open feature sets the Cavity Slider apart, removing the chance of door slamming and making sure the hardware operates smoothly and quietly. 

Interested in incorporating the Cavity Slider Pocket Frame into your project? Contact Us!

Check out the full video

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