CS AutoCav, A Touch-Free Pocket Door Solution Amid COVID-19

CS AutoCav: A Touch-Free Pocket Door Solution Amid COVID-19

No one enjoys a pandemic. Quite frankly, it's an all-round unpleasant experience. However, it is often monumental events of this nature that drive innovation and shape the future of the world we live in. With the spread of COVID-19 one of the major pieces of advice that has been instilled is to minimize our physical contact with frequently touched objects. This, in turn, reduces the spread of the contagion as it is believed to survive for a few days on surfaces.

Navigating the New "Normal"

Following health advice including the above is critical during surges of this new virus but will also carry through as learned behavior into the new normal post-pandemic. One major trend specific to the Design and Construction industry that we will see accelerate post-COVID is the incorporation of automated door systems into new builds and remodels. One of the unavoidable contacts we have is with doors and door hardware. Automation allows a user to pass through openings without touching anything through the use of sensory devices.

A Touch-Free Solution

The CS AutoCav is an automated pocket door system that can be controlled with a hand wave or overhead sensor to ensure the sanitary and seamless flow of people through buildings. This system is especially popular in commercial and healthcare settings where sanitation is paramount. The combination of saving space and eliminating physical contact makes this product popular with design professionals looking to shape the future for safer and more technologically advanced interiors.

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