Cavity Sliders in Wet Areas

Pocket doors are a practical space-saving solution for bathrooms, en suites, and other moisture-laden environments. The CS Cavity Slider Pocket Frame is suitable for installation in these wet areas if correct installation and waterproofing procedures are followed. The frame itself is also suitable for the fixture of tile or stone through a suitable substrate. The aluminum construction of the unit ensures the frame will not move under the load of the tiles applied. The load itself is transmitted through the vertical members of the frame to the floor below. 

Below are a few tips to consider for such openings:

  • • Ensure the door is properly sealed on all six sides. This includes the groove in the base of the door.
  • • Consider where plumbing needs to run – it cannot run through the pocket basket. A wider wall stud can be used to provide space for plumbing.
  • • If you are applying heavy tiles or a stone finish, we suggest fixing a plywood panel to the side of the pocket frame. This can be fixed into the aluminum split jambs and horizontal slats and provides a reinforced surface to transmit the weight of the tiles through to the frame structure and floor.
  • • Tile or stone on one side of the wall will have implications for the finish jambs to be applied.

The CS FramelessGlass Clamp is a great option to allow more light flow into bathrooms or en-suites. The clamp is compatible with glass or material of 3/8” to ½” thickness and can be hidden above ceiling linings to support a contemporary aesthetic.

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