Nordstrom Flagship NYC Embraces Modular Construction with Cavity Sliders

One of the trends we’ve witnessed accelerate over the last decade is modular construction. The concept of building finished units offsite maximizes labor efficiencies under controlled settings. It also alleviates from potentially chaotic job-site conditions with fewer trades on the go at any given time. This, in turn, provides scheduling benefits for contractors and developers to bring finished projects to market earlier.

We’ve seen this concept unfold across a range of vertical markets within the building industry from single-family housing through to skyscrapers.

Partnership with Harbor Retail and Callison RTKL

Harbor Retail have embodied this concept to reduce the interruption of construction for their customer base of major retailers. Cavity Sliders were privileged to partner with Harbor Retail and Callison RTKL on this iconic remodel of the Nordstrom flagship Store on Broadway in NYC. Efficient offsite production in this scenario is ideal as it minimizes the disruption to the ongoing business of the retailer and its customers.

Nordstrom Flagship NYC

For Nordstrom, this Flagship remodel is monumental. The store now boasts 320,000 square feet of retail space across seven levels in the heart of the big apple. Nordstrom NYC represents the biggest and best statement of what the brand has to offer. With a dedication to state of the art design, Nordstrom recently opened the flagship, citing a desire to "create a sense of discovery" in its customers and allow for a "responsive and reflective" experience.

The CS Cavitrack and CL400 Magnetic

The CS Cavitrack and CL400 Magnetic were incorporated into the fitting rooms on all floors. The CL400 Magnetic's modern design was a flawless fit for their updated decor. Showcased in the flagship's styling lounge, the pocket doors were the perfect addition to aid the desired contemporary aesthetic as well as to save valuable space for retail foot traffic.

Learn more about the CL400 Magnetic
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