The ADA requirements for sliding doors can often be a grey area for us within the building envelope. Whether you are specifying, supplying, or installing openings for public or commercial use it is important to be aware of the requirements of these openings, to ensure they comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In their Farmhouse Start to Finish Series, the Perkins Builder Brothers assemble and install the Cavity Slider Pocket Frame to the entrance of their client's home office.

The California College of the Arts student apartment complex, Founder's Hall, adds ADA-compliant sliding doors.

In Partnership with Designer's Plumbing in Miami, FL, 600 Custom Finished CL400 locks were used in the guest rooms of Hollywood, Florida's Hardrock Hotel.

Cavity Sliders partners with Panel Built, a modular construction provider based in Georgia to provide quality door hardware that can withstand heavy use.

The CS Cavity Slider Pocket Frame utilized at Wilshire Curson, a 21-Story, 285-unit tower in Los Angeles' Miracle Mile.

Erik and Jamie Perkins (Youtubers on the show Perkins Builder Brothers and Custom Home Builders) install the CS Barn Door Track in their recent episode of Building a House Start to Finish

The Mira Tower in San Francisco utilize Cavity Sliders' Commmericial AutoCav System to divide large common area.

Cavity Sliders developed a customized solution to install full-height pocket sliding doors in guest rooms throughout a large hotel.

The Cavity Slider Pocket Frame featured on Matt Risinger's Build Show.

The CS AutoCav Pocket Door System provides touch-free and secure access in the wake of COVID-19's new "normal." This automated pocket door system that can be controlled with a hand wave or overhead sensor to ensure the sanitary and seamless flow of people through buildings.

Cavity Sliders is excited to have partnered with Harbor Retail and Calison RTKL on the iconic remodel of their NYC Flagship store. Modular construction offsite for this project has allowed the remodel to proceed with minimal disruption to the operation of the business and its customers.