CS AutoCav with AluTec door

CS AutoCav with NewYorker door

CS AutoCav with NewYorker door

CS AutoCav with AluTec door

CS AutoCav with Hi-Impact Jambs

AutoCav120 with AluMax door

AutoCav Automated Cavity Slider

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With 30 years experience in manufacturing pocket doors and a further 10 successful years in the automated sliding door market, CS offers the most advanced automatic pocket door system available.
The CS AutoCav has been a vital addition to the building industry. We have taken existing motorised door design and made it more reliable, programmable and functional. 
CS can supply a complete system including design, commission and servicing.

Max. Size: Custom sizes up to 3000h x 3500w (8½’ high x 5’ wide) per door
Max. Weight: 240kg (500lb) per door
Wall Framing:   90mm (3½")

Incorporate any of the following architectural detail options with CS AutoCav to create a specific look or to provide a unique solution:

Single Bi-Parting

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