Cavity Sliders featured in Door Security & Safety Magazine: Smooth Sliding for Modular Security Booth

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Originally Published in Door Security & Safety Magazine for the November/December 2020 Issue

Modular construction has been an accelerating trend over the last decade. Building finished units offsite, in an assembly line, maximizes labor efficiencies under controlled settings. It also helps alleviate chaotic conditions at job sites as fewer tradespeople are present. This, in turn, provides scheduling benefits that help contractors and developers bring finished projects to market earlier.

As the popularity of these prefabricated units increases, we may see a shift in the traditional roles and relationships that distributors and manufacturers play within the supply chain. Modular providers often desire products that are custom-made yet turnkey.

For manufacturers, this means designing with specific requirements in mind to meet the solutions dictated by the application. For distributors, this can mean coupling a range of products for an opening with value-add opportunities provided by assembly. Regardless, ease of install and reliable performance are key drivers that modular providers weigh when selecting door hardware.

Panel Built, Inc. is a modular construction provider with 25 years of experience in the industry. The company manufactures offices, mezzanines, clean rooms, security booths, equipment enclosures and ballistic-rated buildings for companies and government departments across the United States, and internationally.

Sliding doors are integral to the design of the Panel Built line of security buildings. These security booths are located at the entrance of campuses, government buildings and corporate headquarters. With a security officer frequently going in and out of the booths, a sliding door is required due to the confined space inside and to keep the door from swinging out into traffic.

“Because these officers are constantly opening and closing this door, a highly durable, long-lasting solution is imperative,” explains Nathaniel Otto, a Representative for Panel Built.

A Bumpy Ride

Panel Built units must withstand heavy use and previously, there had been issues with the sliding door hardware meeting the necessary performance requirements. Panel Built Engineering Manager Josh Wallace notes, “The doors would not roll smoothly, had difficulty locking/latching and the strikes were hard to install.”


The desire for a secure locking function for the surface sliding application made Cavity Sliders a one-stop solution for the hardware for the security booth opening.

At the 2019 DHI ConNextions, Cavity Sliders representatives met the Panel Built team. It was evident the sliding door issues with the security booths were a priority. Cavity Sliders Regional Sales Manager Doug Stockenstroom put together a mock-up package for consideration by Panel Built.

The security booth doors needed a secure key locking function, without any protruding hardware, to suit their barn door application. The Key locking CL400 Magnetic handle, coupled with the CS Barn Door Strike, made a perfect match. The lack of protruding pulls on the unit removed the danger of any pinch points, which was important to the Panel Built design team. The patented magnetic function of the unit allowed for a positive-hold close feature and enables privacy and security.

The CS Wall Mount track completed the hardware requirements of the opening. With pre-machined fixing slots for vertical wall studs, the track required no horizontal blocking and made for a seamless replacement to the existing system.

The hardware presents a much stronger seal, an overall better aesthetic overall and is flexible enough to be used for all the sliding door needs.

“The Cavity Slider system passed with flying colors,” says Trey Thomas, Pre-Assembled Building Division Manager for Panel Built. “After many successful installations, Panel Built now uses Cavity Sliders as their standard sliding door hardware provider.”

Learn more about Panel Built
CL400 Magnetic Spec Sheet
CS Barn Door Strike Spec Sheet
CS Wall Mount Track Spec Sheet

Read the article in Door Security & Safety Magazine

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