CS Barn Door Track featured on The Perkins Builder Brothers Youtube Series

  • 10/13/2020 6:53:00 AM
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Barn Doors or Wall Mounted Doors are an excellent solution for a room that lacks space for a swinging door. It is also a great fix if the room's wall cannot easily accommodate a pocket door. The Perkins Builder Brothers utilized the CS Cavity Sliders BarnDoorTrack to mount a beautiful custom door for their clients in Bryson City, NC.

The Project 

The Perkins Builder Brothers began filming a series called Building a House Start to Finish in May 2020 to chronicle the process of building a "Modern Mountain Getaway" for their clients. The series follows the brothers from initial site prep, framing, and now finishing details. The home has beautiful vaulted ceilings, a huge wall of windows, and a picturesque zen garden. Their barn door paired well with the modern design of the CS Barn Door Track. The track can be installed without the need for a barn door header board and can be adjusted to different door thicknesses. 

Building A House Start To Finish | Episode 21 

The CS Barn Door Track

The track that Erik and Jamie installed was 6 feet wide but the Barn Door Track can be cut to a length of up to 19 feet. The high-quality, heavy-duty extruded aluminum is designed with reliability in mind. Recently, in another project with Studio 41, the client requested 12 ft tracks. 


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CS Barn Door Track Spec Sheet






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